Dr. Emily Raphael Greenfield Celebrates Retirement

Dr. Emily Raphael Greenfield will be semi-retiring from our program at the end of this month.  The faculty and staff of the OT and PT departments gathered earlier this week for a luncheon to celebrate Dr. Raphael Greenfield and her many accomplishments and contributions to our program.

Dr. Raphael Greenfield graduated from the Columbia Programs in Occupational Therapy in 1986, after initially earning a Masters degree in Anthropology.  She later received her Ed.D from Teachers College in Health Behavior Studies.  Two of her classmates, Julie Kern and Diane Schreibman, who also remain involved in the programs, were also in attendance.

She created an outstanding Mental Health curriculum in our program and is dedicated to providing services to the homeless population, especially at the Fort Washington Men’s Shelter.  She and Dr. Sharon Gutman created the SMART program,  a multi-modal, interactive skill-building program targeting living skills necessary for the transition from the shelter to apartment living.


We are all very glad she’ll continue to stay involved in the programs next year, and we wish her all the best in her retirement.


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