Emily Raphael-Greenfield

Emily Raphael-Greenfield, Ed.D., OTR/L, FAOTA

Associate Professor

E-mail: eir12@cumc.columbia.edu


  • Ed.D., Health Behavior Studies, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • M.S., Occupational Therapy, Columbia University
  • M.A., Anthropology, New York University
  • B.A., Anthropology and Psychology, Bennington College

Clinical Expertise

  • Creation of OT Clinic at local shelter and provision of ongoing services
  • Ongoing creation and supervision of Level I and II mental health FW sites
  • Extensive work experience in inpatient and outpatient mental health
  • Worked as occupational therapist in NYC District 75 high school

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Mental Health I: Group Dynamics
  • Mental Health II: Individual OT Evaluation and Intervention for Mental Health

Research Interests

  • Occupational therapy assessment and intervention with clients who are homeless
  • SMART Program intervention for transition into supported housing
  • Social skills role-play intervention with HFA children and adolescents
  • Occupational therapy intervention for hospitalized antepartum bed rest patients
  • Establishing psychometric properties for Build A City Assessment

Grants and Contracts

  • Project Renewal, E. Raphael-Greenfield & S. Gutman – Co-PIs, 1/1/15 -12/31/17
    “Enhanced Fieldwork Experience and OT Services for the Homeless Population”. A contract to provide year-round occupational therapy services, occupational therapy supervision, and service scholarships to selected students. The enhanced services include the provision of evidence-based OT interventions, increased attention to substance use services, psychoeducation, and the SMART Program, a multi-modal, interactive skill-building program targeting living skills necessary for the transition from the shelter to apartment living.
    Role: Co-PI
  • Division of Criminal Justice Services through Project Renewal, E. Raphael-Greenfield – PI, 2010-2011
    “OT Assessment / Intervention in Parole Support Treatment Program (PSTP)”. A contract to assess using performance based assessments and prescribe OT interventions to ease the transition into permanent housing for clients with psychiatric illness and long histories of incarceration.
    Role: PI
  • van Ameringen Foundation Inc. through Project Renewal, E. Raphael & J. Falk-Kessler – Co-PIs, 2007-2008
    “Model Apartment Program for Homeless Individuals”. A grant to enhance clients’ ability to compete for housing, increasing overall placements and reducing each clients’ length of stay in a shelter; and to demonstrate the long-term efficacy of occupational therapy as a “housing readiness” strategy to enhance the ability of the homeless mentally ill to obtain housing.
    Role: Co-PI

Professional Awards, Recognitions, Activities

  • Fellow of the AOTA
  • Member, AOTA, NYSOTA, MNYD
  • Presenter at NYSOTA, AOTA, CAOT, MOTECNY/NJ, NATTAP Conferences
  • Member of Kappa Delta Pi (International Honor Society in Education)
  • Co-inventor, “SMART Program: Supporting Many to Achieve Residential Transition”, Columbia Technology Ventures, Invention Report # CU17355


  • Gutman, S.A., Raphael-Greenfield, E.I., Berg, J., Agnese, A., Gross, S., Hasmi, S.,…Weiss, D. (in press). Feasibility and satisfaction of an apartment living program for homeless adults with mental illness and substance abuse disorder. Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes.
  • Gillen, G., & Raphael-Greenfield, E.I. (2018). Performance based assessments and neuropsychological assessments: A comparison. In Hemphill, B, & Urish, C. (Eds.), Assessments in occupational therapy mental health, 3rd edition.
  • Raphael-Greenfield, E.I., Toglia, J., & Hartman, A. (2018). Contextual memory test. In Hemphill, B., & Urish, C. (Eds.), Assessments in occupational therapy mental health, 3rd edition.
  • Cabell, P., Gutman, S.A., & Raphael-Greenfield, E.I. (2017). In Schell, B., & Gillen, G. (Eds.), Willard & Spackman’s Occupational Therapy, 13th edition. 
  • Raphael-Greenfield, E.I., Miranda-Capella, I., & Branch, M. (2017). Adapting to a challenging fieldwork: Understanding the ingredients. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 5(1).   http://dx.doi.org/10.15453/2168-6408.1257
  • Raphael-Greenfield, E.I. (2016). Substance abuse and addictive disorders. In Dirette, D., & Atchison, B. (Eds.), Conditions in occupational therapy: Effect on occupational performance, 5th edition.
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  • Raphael-Greenfield, E.I., & Gutman, S.A. (2015). Understanding the lived experience of formerly homeless adults as they transition to supportive housing. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 31(1), 35-49, doi: 10.1080/0164212X.2014.1001011.
  • Gutman, S.A., & Raphael-Greenfield, E.I. (2014). Centennial vision: Five years of mental health research in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2009-2013. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 68(1), e21-e36. doi:10.5014/ajot.2014.010249.
  • Gutman, S.A., Raphael-Greenfield, E.I., Kerr, L., Siedlitz, E., & Wang, C. (2014). Using motor-based role-play to enhance social skills in a nonverbal adolescent with high functioning autism: A case report. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 30, 12-25. doi:10.1080/0164212X.2014.878235.
  • Gutman, S.A., Raphael-Greenfield, E.I. & Rao, A.K.(2012): Increasing social skill use in adolescents with high-functioning autism: A nine-participant single-subject design, Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention, 5:3-4, 209-220 DOI:10.1080/0164212X.2012.650953
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  • Gutman, S. A., Raphael-Greenfield, E. I., Carlson, N., Friedman, R., & Iger, A. (2012). Enhancing social skills in adolescents with HFA using motor-based role-play and a canine animal assistant: A pilot study. Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1(1). Retrieved from http://scholarworks.wmich.edu/ojot/vol1/iss1/4
  • Raphael-Greenfield, E. (2012). Assessing executive and community functioning among homeless persons with substance use disorders using the EFPT. Occupational Therapy International,19, 135–143 DOI: 10.1002/oti.1328
  • Raphael-Greenfield, E., Shteyler, A., Silva, M. R., Caine, P. G., Soo, S., Rotonda, E. C., et al. (2011, September). Hard-wired for groups: Students and clients in the classroom and clinic. Mental Health Special Interest Section Quarterly, 34(3), 1–4.
  • Gutman, S. A., Raphael, E. I., Ceder, L. M., Kahn, A., Timp, K. M., & Salvant, S. (2010). The effect of a motor based, social skill intervention for adolescents with high functioning autism: Two single subject design cases. Occupational Therapy International, 17(4), 188-197. doi: 10.1002/oti.300
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