Patricia A. Miller

Patricia A. Miller, EdD, OTR, FAOTA

Special Research Scientist



  • New York University: BS in Occupational Therapy
  • Columbia University: MA in Applied Human Development, specialization in gerontology
  • Columbia University: Ed.M. in Counseling Psychology
  • Columbia University: Ed.D. in Higher Education, (College Teaching and Academic Leadership)

Clinical Expertise

  • Primary and secondary prevention with older adults
  • Assessment and treatment of depression and dementia
  • Fall prevention
  • Program development in community agencies
  • Consultation to practitioners and family members
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork

Research Interests

  • Fall prevention
  • Preventing functional decline and dependency in older adults
  • Health promotion
  • Distinguishing between depression and dementia in older adults
  • Promoting self-efficacy
  • Stages of change model
  • Leadership perspectives of occupational therapy educators and clinicians

Professional Awards, Recognitions, Activities

  • ART CART: Saving the Legacy. An interdisciplinary service-learning course in aging issues (e.g. home safety, developmental tasks of late life, the art and science of teamwork, adult learning principles). Universities in NYC and Washington, DC participate with faculty and selected student/fellows to assist older artists to document and preserve their art legacies, while applying health promotion strategies. Role: lecturer, curriculum developer, teamwork facilitator, health promotion consultant/researcher for this 2-semeser course. Sponsored by Research Center for Arts and Culture, Nat’l Center for Creative Aging. Washington, DC. J. Jeffri, Director (2010-present)
  • Service Award, Gerontology Special Interest Section Advisory Council, American OT Association
  • Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society in education
  • Fellow, American Occupational Therapy Association
  • Gerontology Curriculum Development Award, Brookdale Institute on Aging & Adult Human Development, Columbia University
  • Sigma Phi Omega National Academic Honor Society in Gerontology
  • Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding work on behalf of the district and profession. Westchester Division, NYS Occupational Therapy Association
  • Brookdale Foundation Scholarship Award. Columbia University
  • Module Co-Director, NY-Columbia Geriatric Education Centers Consortium: Topics: Interdisciplinary teamwork and fall prevention
  • Consultant/Educator: Columbia University Cooperative Aging Program (CCAP).
  • Clinical Consultant, Syncope and Falls in the Elderly (SAFE) Clinic. Columbia University.
  • Education and Research Advisory Board Member in Gerontology, American Occupational Therapy Association.
  • Health Advisory Board. Riverdale Senior Services. Bronx, NY
  • Adjunct Reviewer: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy Journal in Health Care

Grants and Contracts

  • Principal Investigator. Facilitating Change to Promote Health in Older Adults: An Interdisciplinary Program in Internal Medicine and Occupational Therapy. Garvey Teaching Academy Award, Columbia University. (2007-2009).
  • Advisor and Co-Investigator, Syncope and Falls in the Elderly Program (SAFE). Allen Pavilion, NY Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia Medical Center (2006-2008)
  • Director. Occupational Therapy Service – Learning in a community agency serving older adults.  Contract, Jarvie Commonweal Services (2004-2007).
  • Co-Investigator. Residency Training in Primary Care. Family Medicine Dept. Project Director: Carmen Dominguez-Rafer, MD. Health Resources and Services Administration. (2005-2006).
  • Principal Investigator. Contract awarded for production of the Open-iT device; funded by the Florence V. Burden Foundation. (2000-2004).
  • Stroud Senior Scholar. Program on Scientific Approaches to Quality of Life, Stroud Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Columbia University. (2000-2004).
  • Coordinator. Occupational therapy student awards for innovative aging research. Columbia University Stroud Center for Geriatrics & Quality of Life. (2002-2004).
  • Co-Principal Investigator. Interdisciplinary Training for Community Practitioners in Rehabilitation and Health Promotion. Funded by U.S. Dep’t. of Public Health and Human Services: Grant # 5D37 AH 00173-03. (1991-1994).
  • Project Director. A Service/Learning Model: The effects of occupational therapy upon a population of community elderly. Funded by Office of Human Development Services. Grant # AOA-90-AT-0096. (1983-1985).

Media Attention

  • Focus on seniors: Fall prevention. (2003, January 28, 29) NY 1- TV. An interview with P. Miller aired five times each day.
  • N.R. Kleinfield. For elderly, fear of falling is a risk in itself. (2003, March 3). The New York Times. A1 & B4. The author interviewed P. Miller, and, based on the information provided him, visited a senior center to document occupational therapy students’ work with elders on fear of falling, part of P. Miller’s course, "Prevention and Rehabilitation with Older Adults."
  • “You Should Live So Long” (YSLSL). Invited panelist with M. Maurer, MD, for this public access TV program for and about older adults. Produced by the Hebrew Home for the Aged, Riverdale, NY. Topic: Falls: Causes and Preventive Solutions. Aired on cablevision in Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester County. July, 2004.


  • Jeffri, J., Raveis, VH, Miller, P.A. (2013). ART CART: SAVING THE LEGACY, a model for positive aging and the productivity of professional artists. Arts & Health: An International Journal for Research,, Policy and Praactice. DOI: 10.1080/17533015.2013.811277 To link to this article:
  • Miller, P.A., Maurer, M, Tupe, D., Simon, P., Granieri, E. (2009). Facilitating change to promote health in older adults: An interdisciplinary curriculum. Supported by Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy, Columbia University, New York. Available from Programs in Occupational Therapy, Columbia University and Principal Investigators. 710 W. 168th St. NY, NY 10032.
  • Miller, P.A. & Cook, A. (2008). Interventions along the care continuum. In S. Coppola, S. Elliott, P. Toto (Eds.). Strategies to advance gerontology excellence. Promoting best practice in occupational therapy. Chapter 15. pp. 383-420.
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