MS2 Students Present Their Older Adult and Grantwriting Projects

Last week, the MS2 class presented posters about their projects for their Older Adult and Grantwriting classes, run by Professor Phyllis Simon and Dr. Lenin Grajo.  The students used the needs of their Level 1 Older Adult fieldwork sites to generate grant proposals and suggested funding agencies that might accept the proposals.  The students also ran programs at their older adult fieldwork sites, which included senior centers, day programs, NORCs, and home visits.   They met with their sites in the fall to do a needs analysis, and then returned once a week for ten weeks for their fieldwork this spring.

Students were divided into groups, and each group presented for an hour to their classmates, the MS1 class, OT and PT faculty, OT program staff, and staff and participants from their fieldwork sites.  One of the fieldwork site staff members who attended said that having the students, “was a wonderful learning experience for everyone.  The students, our staff, and the participants.”

Many of the students ran programs around falls risk and assessment, home safety, and activity participation.

Melissa Aponte and Ivy Vega ran a bilingual group about nutrition and healthy eating at a local senior center.  Several of their participants had low literacy, so they created a visual nutritional assessment appropriate for their population.

Margo Stoner and Michelle Hogan teamed up with the Center for Hearing and Communication to bring a hearing screening van to their fieldwork site, a local NORC.  Forty residents received hearing screenings, and Margo and Michelle followed up with those who had hearing loss.

Other groups focused on life reviews, stress, participating in meaningful activities in daily life, and technology.  One group helped facilitate a member run talent show, which helped increase participation in other groups, and showcased a wide variety of talents among the seniors at their site.  At least one group started by the students is being continued as a member run group.  Overall, the students did an outstanding job.

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