Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD)


The Post-Professional Clinical Doctoral Program in Occupational Therapy, designed for working professionals, will provide those practitioners who wish to remain in the practice arena with advanced knowledge and clinical skills in the area of cognition and perception across the life course and across practice areas. The overarching goal of our program is to deepen knowledge within a specific area and its application to practice, pursue evidenced-based practice as a clinician, apply research methodology to answer a clinical question, and apply clinical reasoning to practice at an advanced level.

The Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy builds on the Masters level competencies by expanding the scope and the depth of entry level knowledge. Advanced theory with translation to practice is the cornerstone of this program, with application to a range of practice areas. These areas include:

  • cognitive and perceptual mechanisms that underlie occupational performance
  • assessment and interventions for cognitive and perceptual impairments that limit occupational performance
  • cognitive approaches to learning, memory, reasoning, and problem solving to enhance intervention strategies
  • attention to how people learn, mentally represent, and translate into performance and its impact on skill acquisition
  • understanding the relationship between cognitive theory and neurobehavioral theory and its role in performance

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